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Air combat command OCP patch
Air Combat Command (ACC) Hellfire Patch OCP
Air Combat Command (ACC) Hellfire Patch
Air Combat Command A-2 Patch (leather jacket)
Air Combat Command - Reaper Patches
432d Operations Support Squadron
432d Operations Support Squadron - Pipeline
"MQ-9" Left Shoulder Patch
Air Combat Command - Sticker (ZAP)
89 ATKS Friday Patch - OCP
"RPA" Left Shoulder Patch
I Heart Hellfires - Reaper PatchesI Heart Hellfires - Reaper Patches
Reaper Patches I Heart Hellfires
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89th ATKS Friday Name Tag
89 ATKS Friday Patch - Color
89 ATKS Friday Neck Gaiter89 ATKS Friday Neck Gaiter
MQ-9 "OPSUP" - OCP Tab
Road House - Tab
89 ATKS Marauders - Sticker
461st Air Control Wing
Air Combat Command - Black and Green
89 ATKS  Circle Ornament

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