Name Tag Priority Fees (Embroidered)

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All requests for under 3 days requires talking to customer service and verifying service availability. 

Reaper aims for 2 -3 week production times on name tags. If your order is not time sensitive we do not recommend using Priority service and allow for normal production flow. 

However, as a shared resource, demand on our services can increase this beyond 30 days and bringing it down can take some time especially when demand stays high. 

These fees are in addition to the cost of the name tag and shipping options desired. 
These fees are for EACH name tag

Example: 1 Name tag in 24 hours. 

A standard USAF name tag is $11.50.  If you wanted it made in under 24 hours and shipped overnight the bill might look like this. 

$11.50 name tag
$100 Priority Fee
$38.10 USPS Express (overnight)
Total: $149.60

Example: 2 name tags in 3 days, 2nd day air (UPS)
$11.50x2 (name tags)
$30 x 2 (fee)
$15.84 (Shipping)
Total $98.84 

Normal production and first class shipping
$3.75 (shipping)
Total: $15.25

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