ISR - Duty Identifier Patch (Reaper Red)

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    • Size: 3-1/4" wide by 1-13/16"
    • Color: Bagby Green* and Spice Brown*
    • Production Time - 4-6 weeks
    • Attachment: Hook fastener
    • Reaper and Reaper Black are Made in the USA. 
    • Reaper and Reaper Black are Berry Compliant 
    • Reaper and Reaper Black buy American Compliant
    • Reaper and Reaper Black use official TIOH colors 
    • Reaper Red is imported from China and offers exceptional value. 

    • Most online patch companies import from China or the Phillipines. They do a great job of hiding this. Not only is that wrong, it's illegal. Reaper is committed to being transparent about this. Reaper Red is a great line, at a great price. But it is imported unlike Reaper and Reaper Black which are American Made. Because we have options, it means we can negotiate prices well below our competitors. So if you think this is low, contact for volume options. 

       *The colors used by Reaper Red are similar to official threads.

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