Question: What does MX mean on an Air Force uniform?
Answer: MX stands Maintenance. You might have seen it warn as a duty identifier, which can be found here: MX- Duty Identifier Patch

The United States Air Force Maintenance Career Field is a vital component of the Air Force's operational capabilities, ensuring that all aircraft are maintained to the highest standards for readiness and mission success. This field encompasses a range of specialized mechanics and technicians, divided into several key areas:

1. **Facilities Construction, Maintenance and Support**: This includes roles such as Aerospace Ground Equipment, Electrical Power Production, Electrical Systems, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Missile and Space Facilities, Pavements and Construction Equipment, Pest Management, Structural, Vehicle Management, Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance, Civil Engineer, and Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance (Source)

2. **Aircraft Maintenance**: This area covers Aircraft Electrical Systems, Aircraft Fuel Systems, Aircraft Hydraulic Systems, Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance, Helicopter/Tiltrotor Aircraft Maintenance, Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Maintenance, Tactical Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Aerospace Propulsion, and Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics (Source).

3. **Airframe Inspection and Maintenance**: This includes Aircraft Metals Technology, Aircraft Structural Maintenance, Aircrew Egress Systems, Nondestructive Inspection, and Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance (Source).

The career field is critical for ensuring the Air Force's aircraft and related systems are ready for a range of missions, from combat operations to humanitarian aid (Source).