Reaper Affiliate Program (RAP) 

Who should be an affiliate? Existing patch companies of any size,  artist, creatives, booster clubs, organizations, influencers and entrepreneurs that need help with manufacturing and logistical support. 

As an affiliate you can make money by selling anything on our website and there are multiple ways to do that. 

Ways to get paid (not all inclusive)

1) Design a product with our team and get it listed on our website. You'll receive a commission for every item sold. Our affiliate portal allows you to track those sales in  near real time. 

 2) Get paid a commission on every item a customer buys that arrived at our site via your affiliate link. 



Q- How do you know someone visits from my link.
A- The links are unique to the affiliates and when someone uses that link they are immediately tracked as your customer. 

Q- what if they don't check out then, but come back later? 
A - If we can correlate a purchase within a specific amount of time with one of your customers you'll still get paid. If they come back outside that window (discussed during your onboarding)  then the sale returns to us. 

Q- Is there a cost
A - Yes and No, The process to make our affiliate program work is not free and we cover the costs as long as your monthly sales are greater than any fees we pay to maintain your membership. 

Q- Is there a limit on how much I can make? 
A - No limit

Q- I have digital products I'd like to sell, can you do that? 
A- Yes, we can manage digital downloads. 

Q - I'm a Government Purchase Card (GPC) holder, can I set up as an affiliate and buy through my link. 
A-  We encourage anyone who purchases on behalf of a government or any organization to discuss the legality and ethical considerations for being an affiliate.  We are not responsible if you do something immoral, unethical or illegal as an affiliate.  You are solely responsible for understanding your the implications of being an affiliate. 

**NOT LEGAL ADVICE** In theory a GPC holder can be an affiliate so long as they are not profiting from their purchase. Doing so would likely be a conflict of interest. Again, not legal advice and you are encouraged to discuss this with contracting and or legal before. 

Q- Are my earnings taxed? 
A- Yes, your earnings will be reported to the IRS and proper tax documentation will be provided. 

Q- Do you support MLM (multiple level marketing) 
A - We have everything in place to support you in developing and growing a team with up to 5 levels.  If you exceed 5 you'll need to meet with our CFO to negotiate terms going forward. 

Q- can you support my own line/brand of products? 
A- Absolutely

Q- Can i design/sell products but keep my identify secret? 
A- Yes and no. We will keep it private unless we are provided legal documentation that forces us to release the information.