There are many philosophies on handling bad reviews. The reality is you can't make everyone happy, but it's far more complicated than that. 

We respect our customers enough that we violate standard commerce methods. 

  • We don't send ads to your inbox
  • We don't automatically request reviews
  • We don't pressure individuals to unbox our products
  • We don't pressure you to tag us, share with us, or otherwise tell anyone else about us.

This can make working with Reaper seem "scary" because there aren't many reviews, and they don't average well. 

Most Bad reviews - 1 star, order took too long! 

While we wish everything went out the next day, it can't, and it's because of the services we offer. We're unique; we enable you to get thousands of individual patches without buying a minimum quantity (generally 25). 

Using industry standards for standard military patches sold on base or the general rule of thumb for custom patches, our prices should be $9.25 (ACC patch example) and $36 (priced per stitch) each.  That doesn't even account for the improved quality of our products. 

Our price per patch is generally priced at or below the same price as competitors who have minimums of 25+. These prices are also reflective of patches made in the Philippines or China. This means you get US-made patches at made-in-China prices with no minimums.