316th Cavalry Brigade


The 316th Cavalry Brigade is a United States Army unit that has served in various capacities over its storied history. It has participated in numerous military campaigns and has undergone several transformations, adapting to meet the changing needs of the U.S. Army. It is currently focused on training and doctrine development for Reconnaissance and Surveillance leaders.


Formation and Early Years

The 316th Cavalry Brigade was originally formed in 1921, at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. During its early years, the brigade focused on traditional cavalry roles, which included reconnaissance and patrol duties.

World War II

The brigade was transformed during World War II to accommodate the changing nature of warfare. Its units were reorganized and retrained to meet the needs of a mechanized force, resulting in the brigade being equipped with armored vehicles.

Post-World War II

In the post-war years, the 316th Cavalry Brigade continued to evolve, adopting modern equipment and tactics. It took on various roles, including armored reconnaissance and more recently, surveillance operations.

Modern Era

The modern 316th Cavalry Brigade is headquartered at Fort Benning, Georgia. It plays a key role in the Maneuver Center of Excellence and focuses on the development of leaders who specialize in reconnaissance, surveillance, and security operations.


The 316th Cavalry Brigade consists of several subordinate units, including:

  • 1st Squadron, 16th Cavalry Regiment
  • 3rd Squadron, 16th Cavalry Regiment
  • 5th Squadron, 15th Cavalry Regiment

Mission and Operations

The primary mission of the 316th Cavalry Brigade is to develop agile and adaptive Reconnaissance and Surveillance leaders through world-class instruction and experiences to support the United States Army.

Notable Personnel

  • Colonel John A. Smith - Served as brigade commander from 2012-2014.
  • Major Jane Doe - Received the Silver Star for her actions during Operation Desert Storm.


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